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Trophy Window - Tryon, North Carolina

Trophy Window - Tryon, North Carolina



Enjoy these links to friends, clients, people I admire, and really cool stuff. Take a look!


photolucida - an arts nonprofit based in portland, oregon

william eggleston - southern photographer whose work helped legitimize color photography as a legitimate artistic medium

william christenberry - southern photographer who worked with personal and somewhat mythical themes growing out of his childhood experiences   in hale county, alabama

jack spencer - contemporary southern photographer that embodies my viewpoint on the south and the creative possibilities brought on by digital photography

tim barnwell - friend, mentor, and client. southern photographer historically focused on rural appalachian culture

jerry siegel - southern photographer. i have met him briefly and just like his work

lori vrba - photographer

carolyn demeritt - photographer

slow exposures - a juried exhibition celebrating photography of the rural south

the southern photographer - a blog about fine art photography in the american south, written by john n. wall

looking at appalachia - everything cool about appalachia

michael sherrill - friend, artist, and client

stoney lamar - friend, artist, and client